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          1. WHEN TO FLY? We will suggest the best time to fly

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            BEST FARE FINDER

            Use Alternative Airline's best Fare Finder to search and buy the cheapest flights in one simple, secure transaction.

            Alternative Airlines provides a Best Fare Finder so you can find the cheapest days to purchase tickets around the time you want fly. If you’re more interested in finding the cheapest ticket than the exact date or time you travel, Best Fare Finder is for you.

            Best Fare Finder allows you to see the cheapest time to fly across a week from your original search. Best Fare Finder uses the journey searches on alternativeairlines.com and shows you the best time for you to fly on your chosen route. Here's how you do it...

            Search for the best fare from over 600 airlines using the search form above, and choose from over 25 payment methods and 160 currencies to suit you.

            STEP 1

            Simply use the search bar above to select your preferred flight and choose a date around the time you wish to travel.


            STEP 2

            Select the Best Fare Finder button, underneath the heading "Cheapest Time to Fly?". This button may show you how much money you could save by altering your date of travel.


            STEP 3

            The Best Fare Finder will highlight and show you the cheapest tickets our customers have found around these dates.


            STEP 4

            If you’re happy with your Best Fare Finder flights, you can book them straightaway with Alternative Airlines in one quick, easy and secure transaction. Happy hunting for the cheapest flights!


            Search for flights by the cheapest day

            At Alternative Airlines, we’ve come up with an easy way to search for flights by the cheapest day.

            Once you’ve completed a search, click on our best fare finder tool, found under the heading ’Cheapest time to fly?’

            The best fare finder tool will allows you to see the cheapest time to fly across a week from your original search.