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          1. Book Flights in US Dollars

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            Buy Flights in us dollar with Alternative Airlines

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            Pay in US dollars when you choose to buy flights at Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from more than 650 airlines, with a choice of over 160 different currencies to pay in, including US dollar.

            How to Book flights in us DOLLAR

            Follow these two steps to buy flights in US dollar.

            STEP 1

            Use our currency changer at the top of the flight search form to change the default currency to US dollar and search for flights.

            Alternative Airlines currency changer US dollar

            STEP 2

            Once your flight search is complete, we'll give you all available flights for your chosen destinations and date with all prices displayed in USD.

            Find the flight you want, confirm your selection and follow the instructions on the next page to pay for your flights in US dollar.

            Alternative Airlines Turkish lira search results page

            Pay over time with Affirm

            Paybright logo

            Want to pay in US dollars and spread the cost of your airline tickets over time? Choose Affirm as a payment method and pay for your flights with US dollars and in monthly installments. *Only available for US citizens*

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